Affiliate Marketing 1.0

Affiliate Marketing Viewpoints

Affiliate Marketing is a widely used technique whereby a company pays a sales commission to an independent sales Affiliate. This can be a effective, and honest way to sell products with little commitment to the sales Affiliate. For the Affiliate there should be no investment required except for mostly third-party advertisement exposure/display services. The company often handles all the financial transactions and most Shipping/delivery activities.

Affiliate Concerns/Warnings

Some companies require the Affiliate to pay the company a fee before the Affiliate is eligible to receive any commissions. This fee may be a one-time sign-up fee, a periodic (ie monthly) administration fee, or both of these. Beware of any company that charges significant fees.

Some companies require the Affiliate to purchase the exact same product for them self before becoming eligible to earn commissions for sales of that product. These are usually expensive products that have a hot but short marketable life expectancy. Beware, most of these companies have a short life expectancy.

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I am AWOL concentrating on another area of MMO (Make Money Online). I will return to share my adventure. I hope you will too.

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Blog Marketing

Effective Marketing Tool #1

Blog Posting (often called Blogging) is generally a very effective online marketing tool for any business and there are many reasons for this, which I will share and demonstrate in this blog post.

First you  should understand what a Blog is. A blog is mainly a growing collection of online articles or Posts that are under the control of an Administrator, preferably you yourself or a close and cooperative associate. In addition to this, it’s important to grasp why having a blog is very important for anyone that wants to attract attention on the World Wide Web.

Alternative OR Supplementary Marketing Technique

Blogging is also an effective alternative or supplement to sending promotional emails. Continue reading

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Coming soon

Coming soon

Posts on

How to get your own Domain Name and Website …

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The Keys to Real Success

I was referred to this video on YouTube. It illustrates the main factor

necessary to achieve a high level of success in anything difficult you want to do.

Definitely food for thought!


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Introducing YouTube Video Marketing

An unusual and interesting marketing technique

Lazy A$$ Stoner YouTube Marketing Video (expect Rated PG)


Thanks Jay for the extensive insight into this marketing technique.

Oops! Sorry folks. One of the dangers of free hosting…  ;-(

Perhaps Jay should have used $$ where I did.

I`ll try to find  replacement information.


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