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Effective Marketing Tool #1

Blog Posting (often called Blogging) is generally a very effective online marketing tool for any business and there are many reasons for this, which I will share and demonstrate in this blog post.

First you  should understand what a Blog is. A blog is mainly a growing collection of online articles or Posts that are under the control of an Administrator, preferably you yourself or a close and cooperative associate. In addition to this, it’s important to grasp why having a blog is very important for anyone that wants to attract attention on the World Wide Web.

Alternative OR Supplementary Marketing Technique

Blogging is also an effective alternative or supplement to sending promotional emails. If you are the Blog Administrator you can add all sorts of interactive or multimedia content to a blog to enhance your message. If you are not the Administrator, you must be an Editor to publish your own or your Contributers` posts. Using RSS feeds your content and message can quickly spread across the internet. If you already have a big email list, you may choose to post your newsletters on your blog, and then simply email out a notification containing a convenient hyperlink to the blog post to your  Subscriber list.

Skipping -OR- after experimenting with – free Blog sites…

Your own Blog is usually easy to install and set up by using the one-click installation tools that  come standard with most Website hosting packages these days. WordPress™ is the most common and popular platform for a blog. Caution: there are 2-versions of WordPress – offers free (sponsored) blog hosting on their own website – and that provides free open source software for installation on your own website.

Once you have your blog installed on your website, it is important to know that every time you post any new information, search engines are quick to pick up on this. They generally give a high priority to indexing new blog post content  since they deem it to be fresh news and therefore interesting and of value to their users.

There is so much more you can do with a blog post than with standard email. The comments feature on blogs, for example, make it easy for your readers to leave feedback. This way you can determine what news and information your readers enjoy, and you can also get  valuable feedback.

It is easy to monetize your own blog by using revenue sharing programs like Google Adsense™ or affiliate programs as well. A blog can be a fun, but powerful way to inform, entertain and profit…while building a valuable asset – a loyal readership at the same time.

Free blogs or websites are generally monetized by the registered domain (-name) owner placing advertisements on the same pages as your contributed content. You are not allowed to place competing ads, if any, on the page.

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