Control Comment SPAM

How to Control Blog Comment SPAM

If You receive too many SPAM Comments

Log into the WordPress Blog as an Administrator

  • click Dashboard,
  • click Settings,
  • click Discussion,
  • check the “Users must be Registered and Logged-in to Comment” option,
  • consider checking the “An administrator (or Editor) must always approve the comment” option, (I tried this option without the Logged-in requirement, for some time, but have been buried with SPAM in the moderation queue)
  • click Save Changes

Now as you have guessed, Users must be registered and logged in to submit a comment.

Unfortunately this Setting combination will prevent Casual Visitors (non-registered users) from submitting Comments or Questions for Private Review (Moderation)

Hopefully Casual Visitors will see enough value in the Blog to Register as a User. Registration – initially as a Subscriber – is an easy option in the Meta Section of the Blog Sidebar. Then Comments will be queued for moderation before being published and publicly answered -or- answered privately.

Please Register and Log-in if You wish to Interact With or Contribute To this Blog.


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