Own Your Own Domain Name

Why Own Your Own Domain Name?

Many people ask, “Why should I buy my own domain name and hosting when there are plenty of free web hosting services around?” Or seeking to start an internet business  they might say, “I have joined an affiliate program, and they provided me a great looking webpage. Why do I need my own domain name?

There are a number of very good reasons why you should register a domain name for your future website or blog. First: Using your own shorter domain name will instantly give your website a more successful professional appearance, and credibility. You eliminate someone else`s domain name from your URLs. 

Since most affiliate pages look exactly alike, you have no way to stand out from the crowd even if the page is fantastically designed and fully optimized. However, if you get your own domain name, you can either redirect to the affiliate page, and use your own title and meta tags (and even content), -or- you can create a page of your own which sends visitors to the affiliate page through anchor text and other linking or lead collection (list building) techniques.

Another reason to buy your own domain name is name recall. If you select a short catchy domain name or one that relates well to your business, people will be able to remember your web address and visit more often. You have decided that it is time to put up a website or a blog for your business. Excellent decision. Now it’s time to think about the domain name you will use. You can elect to go with one of the many free hosting options available, but you can not choose your full domain name if you go that route.

Another benefit of getting your own domain name is that most paid web hosting services allow creation of your own unique domain name related e-mail addresses, which makes you appear more professional. And that is exactly the end result that you’re looking for, which is to be recognized as a professional network marketer both online and offline.

Once I got my own domain name, I was able to begin branding myself and some of my internet business sites and interests. Since I write articles like this  which carry links to various internet businesses with which I am involved, I have been able to create a brand name of sorts and have been able to interlink these sites, interests, and articles, thus creating a more visible internet image.

In rare cases, a great domain name (like ebooks.com) may be registered and resold for a profit without ever having an associated website.

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Website Ownership Step 1 – Domain Name Registration

Registering a domain name is necessary (to identify your website to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)) before you can publish your own website and have it found by Web Browser software. This is somewhat like having a building permit which is distinct from actually owing a building. In this analogy, you do not yet own a building-site as you do not have a web-host (your cyber building site).

The typical annual cost for Domain Name Registration with a dependable Domain Name Registrar is $10. USD or less.

The next step (step 2 of 3) is getting a web-host, similar to getting vacant land or a building-site. This step may precede Registering the domain name but is not necessary until you are ready to actually start to build.

Step 3 is actually BUILDING your website or home. This is much easier these days than you probably think, depending on the software provided by your Web-Host.

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