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Affiliate Marketing Direction

Affiliate Marketing needs Direction specified Vendors sell while Affiliates promote Top down or Vendor’s view If you own a product or service that you want to sell, congratulations you can advertise to attract potential Customers and sell it yourself. Alternatively you can … Continue reading

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First Few Steps to Getting Online

First Step to Getting Setup Online is Free Open or register a free account with a Blog hosting provider such as blogger.com or wordpress.com These free accounts are provided for an advantage to the provider, and hopefully you as well. Generally the hosting provider  is … Continue reading

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Held in 3-Accounts

Proceed with Caution: frequently misunderstood … “Turn right here” they said to the driver while pointing left. 😉 Two fish were in a tank where one asks the other “do you know how to drive this thing?”  😉 One word and … Continue reading

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Domain Name or Website Definition

Do NOT use Domain. It is too confusing. Research reveals that the word Domain is most often used to mean Domain-Name, which is very distinct from the less common but still frequent useage meaning website. One comes to understanding which … Continue reading

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Register a Domain Name

Do NOT Buy a Domain, Register a Domain Name, then host and build a website Potential Website Owners must Register a Domain Name with a (domain-name-) Registrar. That domain name can only be registered with one Registrar at any given point … Continue reading

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